Shri Narendra Modi
Hon'ble Prime Minister, India
Shri Vijay Rupani
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Gujarat

Welcome to SAPTI, a “Centre for Excellence” of Stone Craft, where students learn to create incredible sculptures and stone art. Students from Gujarat and all over India join SAPTI and carve their future by harnessing the tremendous potential of various stones while carrying forward the rich heritage of stone art and architecture of India.

Ambaji Centre

SAPTI-Ambaji has a 10-acre campus in the heart of Ambaji and trains students on marble related courses.

Dhrangadhra Centre

SAPTI-Dhrangadhra has two well-planned campuses and focuses on sandstone-related machine and sculpting courses.


SAPTI aims to be the best institute for developing sandstone and marble stone craft skills among the craft communities of India. It seeks to foster a dynamic process of skill formation and knowledge-building to enrich the stone based artwork business in the country.

  • Identify youth from all sections of society that are interested in attaining a stone craft skillset
  • Impart necessary skills and knowledge in stone craft under the guidance of master craftsmen and educators for improved employment opportunities
  • Mould trainees into successful entrepreneurs and craftspersons in the stone sector
  • Form artisan networks, industry and institutional linkages for continued exchange of ideas, experience and expertise

Designed by CEPT, both the campuses of SAPTI are developed with state-of-the-art facilities and are strategically located in areas surrounded by quarries that have rich cultural history. The students here are given a real opportunity to develop niche skills, make new friends and evolve themselves from mere stone artisans to well-informed artists.