The courses at SAPTI Dhrangadhra are aimed at equipping the students with the fundamentals of stone-based work in sandstone and Dhrangadhra sandstone. The training modules at SAPTI are a combination of theory and practical work. At the end of the course, students have to appear for an examination and receive certification for their skill training. All learning takes place in small groups with direct interpersonal interaction between faculty and students.

Students learn different techniques in stone work right from picking the right stone to modelling and sculpting. SAPTI provides hands-on practice, so the students can improve their speed and accuracy in working with the tools and machines.

  • Stone selection: Choosing right block of stone and understanding its properties
  • Methods and approach: Traditional and modern methods of sculpting
  • Process: Understanding and imbibing the whole process from rough cut, to modelling the form, finishing and polishing of the final product
  • Tool training: In-depth instruction on correct use of all tools, their purpose, and maintenance
  • Exercises: Hands-on exercises for developing manual skills, creativity, comprehension of three-dimensional form, visualisation and sketching on stone