SAPTI-Dhrangadhra has two well-planned campuses built in phases. The Phase 1 campus spans 4.5 acres whereas the Phase 2 campus is a larger premise across ten acres. The SAPTI facility at Dhrangadhra has a capacity of 200 students. The training at Dhrangadhra focuses on sandstone-related machine and sculpting courses.


Lecture rooms augmented with integrated audio-visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations etc.


Studios at SAPTI are learning spaces designed for group discussions and practical work related to drawings, clay modeling etc. These studios provide the perfect setting to acquire team skills through various group exercises.

Practical Workshops

Workshops equipped with conventional and automated machines like lathe machines, CNC etc.

Open Spaces for Carving

Dedicated spaces for students to practice carving, chiseling etc.

Computer Room

Computer room for teaching various software like CAD, Microsoft Office etc.


Library equipped with books related to stone art, management etc.

Hostel (Under construction)

Hostel facility is available for 200 students with basic minimum amenities like beds, cupboards and common washrooms.

Recreational Activities

Through its excellent recreational facilities, SAPTI offers opportunities to students for regular work-out, lifestyle management and interaction. Some of the activities available are Open gym, Volleyball and Kabaddi

Campus Mess and Cafeteria

Institute has a well-furnished cafeteria and mess offering nutritious food.